Since 1984, Seismic Micro-Technology, Inc. (SMT) has provided the upstream E&P industry with innovative software solutions that have changed the game for ease of use, cost-effectiveness and total integration. We developed the first geoscience interpretation tools for the Windows® environment to help fast-track interpretation, collaboration and decision-making while delivering exceptional accuracy and consistency. Today, SMT is the global leader in Windows-based exploration and production software—now used by geoscientists in over 80 countries.

In September of 2003, SMT added 3D Solid Earth Reservoir Modeling (RC)2 and Advanced Reservoir Simulation (SURE Simulation) to its set of E&P tools. SMT now provides the upstream industry with the only entirely Windowsâ -based "seismic through simulation" workflow.

SMT's success is based upon total software integration. The entire KINGDOM of SMT geoscience interpretation tools functions off of one single executable.  This means that with the click of just one application the interpreter can instantly operate each of SMT's geoscience modules. The benefit of truly integrated software, that is logical to learn and to use, is significantly improved interpreter productivity.

SMT works where the interpreter works: on a desktop in the office, on a laptop off-site, in a networked team environment (intranet), or remotely across the Web (internet). SMT has  developed a powerful and innovative link between SMT and Landmark's OpenWorks  projects called Tunnel L+; while GeoQuest and Landmark projects are accessible via SMT's Tunnel O (OpenSpirit) connection. SMT offers companies the flexibility to choose the database that best fits their requirements, either Access , Oracle , or SQL Server. SMT is able to handle large data sets and access a wide variety of industry file formats. The network edition adds even more options by allowing simultaneous project operation by any number of users. With SMT software, exploration teams and asset teams can manage projects with flexibility and ease.


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